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Commercial Collection Firm of America is a Covid-19 dispute resolution servicer provider. We are dedicated to providing negotiation, mediation, and arbitration services dedicated to the resolution of COVID-19 related disputes.

Our goal is to make peace between both parties by providing a fast and cost-effective means to resolve both domestic and international disputes arising out of or in connection to the COVID-19 pandemic.


We specialize in handling commercial claims of all sizes involving small, medium, and large-sized businesses that may be adversely affected or hard hit by this unfortunate pandemic. 


If your company is caught in the middle of a dispute over the Covid-19 pandemic, please reach out to one of our commercial debt collection experts to discuss your situation today.

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Address:      6105 S Main St. Suite 200

                        Aurora, CO 80016

Tel:                1-303-351-0464

Toll:             1-888-799-3649

Fax:                1-888-351-2776

Hours:         Monday - friday, 7am -4pm (MST) 

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