Commercial Collection Agency Rates

At Commercial Collection Firm of America, we believe that results matter when selecting a commercial debt collection agency. Many agencies today offer low rates and in turn provide their clients with very low results. The reason why their success rates are so low is due to their debt collection strategy.


Nowadays, many collection agencies do not have their own in-house collection team. Or if they do, they do not have enough collectors to work their accounts thoroughly so they strategically partner with third party receivable management companies to handle their collections.


The problem with this collection strategy is, most collection agencies and third-party receivable management companies do very little to no investigative work. They do not invest upfront in credit trained private investigators. They do not contact vendors, suppliers, and financial institutions to find out if debtors are choosing not to pay all their creditors or if they are just choosing not to pay you. 

Our rates are not that of a phone call and letter generation shop. We do not use dialer systems to call the same number over and over again. Our rates include a full asset and liability investigation, credit-trained private investigator, and if necessary our own commercial collections attorney. Commercial Collection Firm of America is a professional commercial debt collection agency and our specialty is getting clients paid.


There is absolutely no fee charged to you for our services unless we collect. Guaranteed.

Our contingency rates are determined by the number of days between the oldest invoice date and the date the account is placed for collection:


35%  - Less than one year of age.

50%  - Over 1 year of age, Judgments, Second Placements, International, Under $2500.00* 

60%  - Over 2 years of age

*Contingency Rate will be added as collection fees to the total balance owed when contractual.

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