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Whether you're looking to vet a prospective customer or manage an account that has already fallen behind on payments, Commercial Collection Firm of America is your go-to resource for comprehensive business intelligence. We specialize in providing in-depth information with a unique emphasis on the critical sector of small businesses. Our Business Background Reports equip Credit Managers with unparalleled insights, offering a thorough understanding of a business’s validity, financial health, and operational performance.


Our reports cover various facets of a business, from confirming its identity to evaluating its creditworthiness and understanding its corporate structure. With information ranging from verified business identities and exhaustive credit histories to connections between business owners and corporate affiliations, our Business Background Reports offer Credit Managers a multi-dimensional view. This allows for an enhanced understanding of a business's financial landscape and enables well-informed decisions.


To meet the specific needs of your unique situation, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions. Depending on the report you select, you may gain access to the following types of invaluable information:

  • Business Demographics: Gain a fundamental understanding of the business, such as its industry, location, and years in operation.

  • Public Records: Receive crucial legal data, including judgments, liens, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings, and bankruptcy history.

  • Trade Data: Understand the business's trade habits, from their vendor relationships to payment behaviors.

  • Company Size: Learn about the scale of the business, such as the number of employees and annual revenue.

  • Financial Payment History: Acquire detailed records of their payment histories, including timeliness and defaults.

  • Corporate Family Trees: Discover any parent, subsidiary, or affiliated companies, which can be vital for assessing overall business risk.

  • Business Owner Information: Get detailed profiles of the business owners, including their past business dealings and financial stability.

  • Guarantors Associated with the Business: Understand who has a financial stake or guarantee in the business, thereby affecting its creditworthiness.


Our Business Background Reports are designed to empower Credit Managers to easily identify both immediate and long-term risks associated with their business interactions. By offering such a detailed view of prospects, customers, and vendors, our reports enable managers to make confident, data-driven decisions. This, in turn, helps in setting terms that maximize profitability while mitigating risks. Our reports also provide detailed insights about global companies, including their financial metrics, executive leadership, and product portfolios.

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