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Welcome to Commercial Collection Firm of America

Navigating the intricate and often tumultuous realm of B2B finance, businesses of all sizes are constantly on the lookout for a reliable Debt Collection Agency that can simplify the challenges posed by unpaid invoices. This is where Commercial Collection Firm of America proudly steps in, bridging the gap between owed debts and rightful recovery, all while offering the gold standard in Commercial Collection Agency Services for large and small companies.

Centrally Located and Nationally Active
Colorado-Based Commercial Collections Agency 

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Nestled in the picturesque heart of Colorado, Commercial Collection Firm of America boasts a strategic position that transcends state boundaries. While our roots anchor us in the Centennial State, our commercial collection agents specialize in nationwide invoice collection, delivering B2B Debt Recovery Services to businesses in every corner. This central Colorado location is more than just a nod to the vibrant business ecosystem—it ensures that our B2B Debt Collection Agency remains primed to provide debt collection services for businesses on both the West Coast and East Coast during their pivotal operational hours, ensuring timely communication and swift action.

No Debt is Too Small or Too Large for us 

As a Top-Rated Colorado Business Debt Collection Agency, navigating the complex world of commercial debt, our B2B debt collection services stand out. We hold an unwavering commitment to all claims, whether it be a modest $1,000 or a substantial $2 million. Our debt collectors care about every unpaid invoice and are committed to collecting your money fast. Our Business Debt Collection Services primarily start with claims that are above $15,000. Despite this initial benchmark, our skilled debt collectors approach every commercial debt, irrespective of its magnitude, with unparalleled seriousness and urgency. It's essential to understand that while our expertise is honed for large balance collections, no debt is too small or too large for our team.

Our Debt Collection Services are different 

Our commercial collection agency is not just another debt collection agency; we represent a paradigm shift in the world of debt recovery. When we say "modern touch," we aren't merely referring to a superficial upgrade; we're talking about a profound evolution in Business Debt Collection Services. We've evolved beyond the repetitive phone calls and incessant letters that characterize traditional collection agencies. By leveraging modern communication tools and strategies, we can engage with commercial debtors in ways that resonate with them, facilitating smoother and more successful business debt recoveries. We recognize that If letters and phone calls worked to collect past-due invoices, our clients wouldn't need our B2B debt collection services

The Three Pillars of Our Distinct Approach:

In the intricate realm of commercial debt collection we have meticulously crafted a triad of foundational pillars that set us apart from conventional debt collection agencies. These pillars are not just operational strategies but core principles that drive our success and fortify our commitment to our partners. From specialized investigative techniques that probe beyond the surface to the unwavering professionalism of our certified collectors, and finally, our robust legal network that spans nationwide, we are equipped to manage every facet of the debt recovery process. Dive into the nuances of each pillar to understand what makes our approach both unique and exceptionally effective:

Credit-Trained Private Investigators

We've designed an approach to debt collection that differentiate us from other debt collection agencies who only make phone calls and send letters. Our Credit-Trained Private Investigators dive deeper than just going face to face and locating individuals; they meticulously explore the financial histories and behaviors of debtors. These investigators equip us with insights to customize our approach based on each debtor's unique financial scenario. What further amplifies their impact is their close collaboration with our debt collectors. When these investigators stand face-to-face with debtors, we're able to bypass the stalls debtors use by ignoring letters and phone calls. This aids our debt collectors in discerning both the ability and willingness of the debtor to settle their obligations. 

Certified Commercial Collectors

Our Certified Commercial Collectors are paramount to our success. For them, certification is not just a symbol, it's a resounding testament to our dedication to superior service. These elite debt collectors, recognized as some of the nation's best, are adept at navigating various scenarios with strategies that are as effective as they are respectful. It's no mere claim to state that we employ the most qualified and experienced debt collectors; it's a reality that positions us as a top commercial collection agency. Delve deeper into our core principles to appreciate the unparalleled expertise we bring to the debt recovery arena.

Nationwide Network of Commercial Collection Attorneys

At the heart of our Commercial Collection Services is our Nationwide Network of Collection Attorneys. Fully grasping the complexities and legal subtleties of commercial debt collection, we've established an extensive network of Collection Attorneys that stretches coast to coast. No matter the location of your debtor, our legal presence is there, ensuring swift and precise litigation if necessary. In fact, our partnerships extend to commercial collection attorneys in every state, a testament to our expansive reach and commitment. Our adept debt collectors collaborate closely with these debt collection attorneys in the debtor's local, guaranteeing the most effective strategies to reclaim what belongs to you through B2B Debt Collection Litigation. 

Our Debt Collection Success Rate on Viable Claims Speaks Volumes

At Commercial Collection Firm of America our outcomes aren't merely noteworthy, they set the industry gold standard for debt collections. The driving force behind our remarkable 90% collection rate on all viable accounts is our three-pillared strategy. Each pillar, from our credit-trained private investigators who delve deep into financial histories, our certified debt collectors who merge effectiveness with respect, to our nationwide network of commercial collection attorneys, has been meticulously crafted and honed for optimal results. Our consistently high success rate is more than a mere percentage, it's a tangible representation of our commitment and proficiency in ensuring our clients' needs are not just met but surpassed.

We're A Genuine Commercial Collections Agency

Many commercial collection agencies masquerade as dedicated debt collection agencies when, in reality, they merely act as sales affiliate offices passing client accounts to a larger, dominant agency. Here, individual accounts, like yours, are tossed into a vast sea of thousands of claims, placed on dialer systems that lose the personalized touch and become just more statistics in an overloaded system designed to cream the crop and close accounts that do not pay right away.

At Commercial Collection Firm of  America, We pride ourselves on being a genuine, independent entity, not a façade for a bigger debt collection agency. Every account with us receives the direct attention it deserves, handled by individual debt collectors motivated by the mission of successful debt recovery. By aligning with us you're not merely hoping for a resolution, you're enlisting a partner genuinely invested in your success, ensuring that your business is always prioritized and not lost in the crowd.

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Address:      6105 S Main St. Suite 200

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Tel:                1-303-351-0464

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