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When it comes to collecting large balance commercial debt collections, having the most experienced staff is the key to a successful recovery. 

Commercial Collection Firm of America's large balance debt collectors are required to have a minimum of 15 years of experience in debt collections. Why do we set the bar so high? Because it takes a very special skill set to be able to collect large balance claims. This is why we only use our senior commercial debt collectors to resolve these important large balance claims.

Whether you're owed $100,000 or $1,000,000, our staff is well equipped to collect these balances in a fast, effective, and very professional manner.

Speak to one of our commercial debt recovery specialists today by requesting a FREE rate quote.

Your large balance claims are safe with us.

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Request a FREE Rate Quote

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*We ONLY COLLECT Business to Business Debt.

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Address:      6105 S Main St. Suite 200

                       Aurora, CO 80016

Tel:                1-303-351-0464

Toll:               1-888-799-3649

Fax:               1-888-351-2776

Hours:          Monday - Friday, 7am -4pm (MST) 

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