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You've sent letters and made phone calls and now the debtor is ignoring you. Guess what? That is exactly what they do to most debt collection agencies as well. 

What separates Commercial Collection Firm of America from most commercial debt collection agencies is our use of credit trained private investigators. Our firm is not an autodialer and letter generation shop.

Our firm has the ability to assign a credit trained private investigator in the debtors specific local to investigate the debt, the debtors business and to personally visit the company that owes money.


The credit trained private investigator will gather information and game plan with the collector prior to confronting the debtor at their place of business. Of course, when they do confront the debtor company, that is going to be an attempt to gain resolution on the account. The debtor will also be informed that the asset and liability investigation is underway against the debtor company. At which point the investigator assigned will gather financial information and inform the debtor that vendors, suppliers, financial institutions, and trade references may also be contacted to gather more information pertinent to the claim.

As you know, it's very easy to ignore letters and phone calls but it is much more difficult to ignore someone standing face to face to speak about the debt that is rightfully owed. 

Request a FREE rate quote today and speak to one of our commercial debt collection experts today regarding your situation.

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