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You have Tried Getting Invoices Paid by Sending Letters and Making Phone Calls... But None of That is Working!


Top 10 Debtor RED FLAGS

  1. Lies About Service

  2. Disputing Charges

  3. Needing More Time 

  4. Threatening Bankruptcy

  5. Waiting To Get Approval

  6. Unanswered Phone Calls

  7. Telling You The Check Is In The Mail

  8. Telling You They Don't Have The Money To Pay

  9. Claiming They Don't Owe You Anything At All

  10. Telling You They're Waiting To Be Paid by their Customer

now...Time is of the Essence

When it comes to your Past-Due Receivables,

You must ACT FAST!  

The longer you wait,

the less likely you are to get paid. 

What our clients say

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This is what you'll get with us..


  • Ar procedures audit

  • Credit trained private investigator

  • face to face demand 

  • No Collection, No Charge!

  • Dedicated Account manager

  • weekly status updates

  • Legal Demand within 24 hours 

  • Network of Attorneys

  • Asset & Liability Investigation

  • Professional Collection Approach

  • ucc filings

  • Brand protection

  • Business Credit report

  • lien filings

  • audit approach

  • International collection

  • attorney monitoring

  • Client referral network

  • bankruptcy paperwork handling

  • FREE Debtor Asset Report

  • FREE 72 hours fax demand

  • Free 10 demand service

  • FREE Investigator Report

  • free aging analysis

  • twice a month remittance

Plus ...

  • Did we mention there is

        Absolutely NO CHARGE




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Are you owed money from a company or individual?

*WE ONLY collect debts owed from companies.  

We DO NOT collect from individuals unless they incurred a business debt. 

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