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At Commercial Collection Firm of America, we are more than just a debt collection agency; we are your comprehensive partner in business debt collections, committed to delivering exceptional results. Utilizing a nationwide network of Commercial Debt Collection Attorneys, our strategy is tailored to the specific circumstances of each case. These legal experts are not just any attorneys; they are specialists located in the debtor's local area, chosen to augment our robust debt collection capabilities.


Our team is a fusion of skills and expertise, comprising not only seasoned commercial debt collectors but also credit-trained private investigators. This multi-layered approach integrates traditional debt collection methods with investigative research and legal action, creating a formidable force in debt recovery. When you choose us as your debt collection agency, you gain the advantage of a full-spectrum approach to reclaiming your receivables.


Debt Collection Litigation as a Last Resort


There are instances when all negotiation channels are exhausted, and your customer refuses to settle the debt. In such cases, our role expands into debt collection litigation. We offer you the option to escalate the situation by filing a lawsuit against the debtor. Our objective is to secure a judgment for not only the unpaid amount but also for additional recoverable costs, such as interest, attorney's fees, and court expenses, as permitted by law.

Post-Judgment Execution Phase

Once a default judgment has been obtained, we don't rest on our laurels. We move decisively into the judgment execution phase, applying various legal instruments to enforce the court's decision. This may include wage garnishments, bank levies, or property liens, all aimed at compelling the debtor to fulfill their financial obligations. With our collection agency actively managing this process, you can be confident that every possible avenue for recovery is explored and executed.

To learn more about our comprehensive business debt collections services, which encompass everything from initial contact to debt collection litigation and judgment execution, we invite you to request a FREE rate quote today. With Commercial Collection Firm of America, you don't just collect; you reclaim what's rightfully yours.

Are you grappling with unenforceable court judgments? If so, you've arrived at the right destination. At the Commercial Collection Firm of America, we don't just specialize in B2B Debt Collection; we excel at it. Our team partners with highly skilled Debt Collection Attorneys who are acutely aware that a court judgment is only the beginning. The true test lies in actual funds recovered. While it's a daunting fact that as many as 80% of judicial judgments remain uncollected, we're here to ensure you're not part of that disheartening statistic.

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Expertise in Writ of Execution for Judgment Collections


Our partnership with highly skipped collection attorneys affords our clients the opportunity to use the Writ of Execution in the world of Judgment Collections.


We begin by employing Professional Skip Tracing technologies. These are not your run-of-the-mill investigations but comprehensive financial profiles assembled by experienced investigators to set the groundwork for effective B2B Debt Recovery.


Next comes the Judgment Debtor Examinations. Here, our partnership with Collection Attorneys takes the debtor through a series of legally binding questions, conducted under oath, to extract indispensable information about their financial standing. 

Tailored Services Customized to Your Needs


Our multifaceted services also include Personalized Account Management. An account manager is assigned to each case, ensuring that every client's specific needs are thoroughly understood and meticulously addressed. Our Debtor Tracking services leverage sophisticated skip-tracing tools, making it nearly impossible for a debtor to disappear off the radar.


Additionally, we understand the value of diplomacy in debt recovery, which is why we send Respectful Reminders to debtors. Often, a polite nudge is all it takes for the debtor to acknowledge their obligations. When required, we facilitate Debt Negotiation, enabling the debtor to commit to a payment that they can realistically afford, thereby securing at least a portion of your debt.


Finally, we believe in comprehensive recovery, which means recovering the Principal Amount Along with Accrued Interest. Our intelligent scoring models calculate the precise amount due, including any interest accrued over time.

We pride ourselves on our transparency. You'll be regularly updated on your case's status and the strategic approaches we are employing to ensure your B2B Debt Recovery and Judgment Collections are successful.

Ready to transform your paper victories into tangible financial gains? Complete our form to request a FREE Rate Quote today. With Commercial Collection Firm of America, your funds will end up where they rightfully belong in your bank account.

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