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You have Tried Getting Paid by Sending Letters and Making Phone Calls... But None of That is Working!

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accounts receivable management

When you find an honest and transparent commercial debt collection agency relentlessly dedicated to your organizational success, it will be the last agency you’ll ever need.

Our debt recovery experts deliver comprehensive high-level debt collection strategies paired with enterprise-level tools and technologies to help transform your companies credit to cash cycle.

We are committed to delivering the best B2B debt collection services you'll find anywhere.


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Our Services

asset & liability investigations 

Is filing a lawsuit absolutely necessary? 

Does your debtor have assets or income readily attachable?

What is the likelihood that you will obtain a judgment and/or collect against that judgment? 

Performing an asset & liablity investigation is critical prior to filing suit. 

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collection litigation

Unfortunately, In today's world, not every customer makes good on their financial obligations. Whether your customer is  experiencing financial difficulties, disputing the balance or refusing to pay, you generally have the option of proceeding to litigation.

Commencing litigation may prove to motivate the debtor to make good on their outstanding obligation.


Our purpose is to help Domestic & International Corporations maintain profitability and continue service in and to their communities.


It is our mission to work with delinquent corporations with the utmost respect and professionalism to resolve their outstanding issues.


It is our vision to protect corporations across the globe from unethical corporate practices.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your collection process?
    Upon receipt of your claim, your account will be assigned to a certified commercial collector who will work alongside of a credit trained private investigator. The debtor will be notified of the asset & liability investigation underway and be given the opportunity to pay. If the debtor refuses to pay, the investigation will move forward, and our credit trained private investigator will meet with them face to face. The investigation will involve contacting vendors, suppliers, and financial institutions to determine suit worthiness. We will find out if the debtor is choosing not to pay everyone or if they are just choosing not to pay you. If the debtor still refuses to pay after the investigation is complete, we may seek suit authorization from you to begin the litigation process. For more information on the asset & liability investigation click here.
  • What is your success rate?
    Commercial Collection Firm of America has an 90% success rate on viable accounts. One of, if not the highest in the industry.
  • An individual owes me money, can you help collect?"
    We do not collect from individuals unless they incurred the business debt.
  • What customer information do you need to begin?
    We require the name, address, phone number, date of the invoice, amount due and a copy of your most recent statement to start collections. Additional documents like Credit Appplications, contracts, promissory notes or agreements can be sent after the account is placed. You can place your account by clicking here.
  • What is your remittance process?
    Funds collected between the 1st and 15th will be remitted by 1st of the following month. Funds collected between the 15th and 30th will be remitted by the 15th of the following month.
  • What is the average amount of time it takes to collect?
    The answer largely depends on how long you wait to place your customer for collections. Debt is not like wine; it does not get better over time. We collect some debts in as little as the first couple of hours or days of placement, while others may take several years. We do not quit until the company pays their balance, goes out of business, files chapter 7 bankruptcy or a judgment is obtained and executed. The average time usually takes between 30 and 45 days.
  • What should I expect after I place my accounts?
    Collection activity typically begins within one hour of receiving your placement. You can expect that your debtor will reach out to you to try to stop collections efforts. If this happens, you must refer them back to our office. Your dedicated account manager will be reach out to you within 24 hours and keep you updated on your accounts from the beginning of the collection process to the end. Place an account by clicking here.
  • Will my customer still want to do business with me?
    Protecting our client’s brand is a top priority and we stand behind this unapologetically. Our firm represents our clients in a very professional manner. We aim to keep the bridge open between our clients and their customers once they satisfy the balance owed.

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Address:      6105 S Main St. Suite 200

                        Aurora, CO 80016

Tel:                1-303-351-0464

Toll:             1-888-799-3649

Fax:                1-888-351-2776

Hours:         Monday - friday, 7am -4pm (MST) 

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