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Here at Commercial Collection Firm of America, we believe in the investigation before the negotiation.

Most commercial collections agencies and attorneys out there do little or no investigative work. Therefore, they approach the debtor companies blind, often leaving significant amounts of money uncollected.

As a professional commercial debt collection agency, we firmly believe that information is the key to better and faster results. Our asset and liability investigations involve a comprehensive review of a debtor's financial situation, including bank records, real property, investments, business ownership interests, and other tangible and intangible assets, as well as current liabilities.

This detailed financial profile allows us to make an intelligent decision on how to approach the debtor. We do not want to back off a debtor who has the money and means to pay the balance in full. Nor do we want to push a company to pay the balance in full when they lack the capacity to pay—a mistake that makes collection accounts uncollectable and can cost clients thousands of dollars.

Our diligent approach enables us to:

  • Recover debts more efficiently, saving our clients time and money.

  • Pursue a payment strategy that is fair and considerate of the debtor’s situation, minimizing the risk of costly and time-consuming legal battles.

When our investigation reveals that a debtor lacks the capacity to pay the full balance, we can:

  • Negotiate fair and realistic payment plans

  • Propose settlements for less than the full amount owed

  • Recommend other appropriate actions based on our client's best interests

In a recent case, our asset & liability investigation revealed that a debtor company had significant real estate holdings that were previously undisclosed. This key information enabled us to negotiate a substantial payment plan that led to the full recovery of the outstanding debt for our client.

We uphold the strictest standards of confidentiality and professionalism in all our investigations. Your sensitive information, and that of your debtors, is safe with us.

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