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Asset & Liability checks are vital for debt collection

Many agencies in the realm of commercial debt collection jump the gun, failing to lay the groundwork by understanding the debtor company's financial health. Often, these hasty efforts lead to avoidable losses and missed opportunities. Enter Commercial Collections of America—a leader in the industry that understands the undeniable value of asset and liability investigations.

The Pitfalls of Incomplete Information

When agencies operate without a full financial picture, they inadvertently make errors that could be costly:

  1. Settling for Less: Accepting extended monthly payments from companies that have the ability to pay in full not only delays collection but may also increase the risk of future defaults.

  2. Missed Collection Opportunities: Failing to verify a company's claims of insolvency or bankruptcy could lead to prematurely abandoned collections.

The Commercial Collections of America Difference

We, at Commercial Collections of America, advocate for thorough investigative work right from the outset. Our comprehensive asset and liability investigations empower us with:

  • Effective Negotiation: Armed with accurate financial details, we can champion negotiations that are beneficial to our clients.

  • Strategic Decision-making: Having an accurate financial profile allows us to tailor our collection strategy, whether we're aiming for a full payment or a mutually agreed upon settlement.

Protecting Our Clients' Interests

By sidestepping vital investigations, other agencies might prematurely label accounts as uncollectable or even push companies towards financial strain. Both outcomes are detrimental and may result in significant losses. In contrast, our approach is aimed at safeguarding our clients' interests. In extreme cases, pressing a company without understanding its fiscal position might inadvertently steer it towards bankruptcy, complicating debt recovery.

Concluding Thoughts

For Commercial Collections of America, asset and liability investigations are more than just a routine step; they are the backbone of our collection process. These investigations ensure our strategies are meticulously crafted, decisions are data-driven, and outcomes are in the best interests of our clients. In the intricate dance of commercial debt collection, being well-informed is not just preferable—it's imperative


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